Statistics group

The research areas and application fields include

Industrial statistics, reliability statistics, engineering data processing and optimization;

Stochastic control theory, limit theory;

Stochastic process, time series;

High-dimensional data processing, genetic statistics, biostatistics;

Debt risk, stock market and debt, financial resource allocation;

Quality control and test design.

In the past five years, teachers and students of the Department of Statistics have published more than 340 papers and published 10 monographs and textbooks. Teachers attend one National 863 High-tech Research and Development Program as the main researchers, preside 14 national natural science funds, 6 social science funds of the Ministry of Education, 26 projects in social sciences funds of Sichuan or Chengdu, philosophy, statistics and other projects, more than 10 other statistical vertical and horizontal projects.

The provincial first-level society Sichuan Association for Applied Statistics is affiliated to the Department of Statistics. Professor He Ping is the chairman of the association. Professor He Ping also serves as the vice chairman of the China Engineering Probability and Statistics Association. Professor Zheng Haitao is appointed as the director of the association.

Personal Academic Research:

1. Engineering Statistics & Reliability Statistics: He Ping, Tang Jiayin, Chen Chongshuang, Liu Cheng, Cheng Shijuan;

2. Biostatistics & Gene Statistics: Zheng Haitao, Yang Yinghui;

3. Financial Statistics & Economic Theory and Methods: Wang Lu, Wang Qin, Qiao Gaoxiu, Zhao Chunming, Cheng Feng;

4. Mathematical Statistics Theory & Methods: Fan Xiaoming, Peng Hao, Huang Lei, Yang Baoying, Zhao Lianwen, Yuan Dailin, Ren Reibin;

5. Optimization calculation: Zeng Rongqiang, Wang Jianpeng