Mathematics group

Informally, the department is organized into several research groups. The following will provide more information regarding each research group and faculty specializations.


The Algebra Group is a dynamic and lively research team, with scientific interests covering a broad area of mathematics from Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Groups, Representation Theory to Homological Algebra. The Algebra Group also runs a weekly Algebra Seminar, meeting every Tuesday and some Fridays, with large attendance from graduate students and permanent faculty.

• Mang Xu, Pin Liu, Rong Luo, Yunli Xie, Xiaojuan Zhao, Zhongwei Yang, Xinhong Chen, Yu Liu, Conghui Li


The mathematics department has a large and internationally recognized research group in analysis and partial differential equations, working in such areas as Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Nonlinear dispersive and wave equations, Linear and nonlinear theory of Banach spaces, and Complex Analysis, Metric Geometry. The group holds several regular seminars for both faculty and graduate students.

• Han Yang, Fan Wang, Bangshen Han, Zhigang Pan, Hongling Zhang, Zili Chen, Jinxi Chen, Chong Wu, Zhongbao Wang, Hang Zhang, Sheng Zhang

Dynamical Systems

The research of the Dynamical Systems Group is concerned with the Dynamical Systems, Analysis of PDEs, Optimization and Control, and Mathematical Physics. There are significant interactions and overlap with the Analysis Group, the Probability Group and the Optimization and Control Group.

• Xiaochun Peng, Xiuyong Ding, Dingshi Li, Lili Yang, Guiling Chen, Liu Liu, Chunmei Zhang, Zhiheng Yu, Lin Shi

Geometry and Topology

The Geometry and Topology research group at SWJTU covers the areas of Riemannian Geometry, Complex Manifolds, Symplectic Geometry, K-Theory and Homology, Geometric Topology, Gauge Theory and Tropical Geometry.

• Xiaowei Yang, Jianbo Xiao, Hao Ding, Qing Cui, Xiaobin Li, Ningwei Cui, Futoshi Yagi, Shouxin Dai, Zhao Lian