Research Institutes

Teaching and Research Groups

Automated theorem proving and information processing

Yang Xu, Zhenming Song, Shuwei Chen, Peng Xu,

Xingxing He, Xiaomei Zhong

Information coding

Zhengchun Zhou, Cuiling Fan, Yang Yang, Deng Tang,

Dongchun Han, Haode Yan.

Intelligent information processing and data science

Hailiang Zhao, Tianmin Huang, Keyun Qin, Xiaodong Pan,

Hua Meng, Mingwen Wang, Mei Han, Xiaomei Yan,

Shuxia Ma.

Computational Mathematics

Chengjing Wang, Guozhu Yu, Luoping Chen, Zhangyou Chen,

Lina Hu, Yufang Huang, Xiaomei Yang.

Operations and control theory

Hailiang Zhao, Tianmin Huang, Lid Deng, Mei Han,

Xiu Liu, Renyu Xu.

Research Projects

The department of information and computing sciences has been granted 36 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, among which 11 are the national natural science general projects. Here are some of the ongoing natural science general fund projects:

“Research on Uncertainty Reasoning Based on Fuzzy Soft Set” 2015-2018.

“Research on Some Combinatorial Objects in Sequence Coding” 2016-2019.

“Contradiction Separation Based Dynamic Automated Deductive Reasoning” 2017-2020.

“Research on New Functions With Differential Uniformity and Theirsequences and Codes” 2017-2020.

“Constructions of Optimal OFDM Sequences Under Spectrum Hole Constraint And Their Applications” 2018-2021.

“Research on Several Key Problems of Nonlinear Cryptographic Functions” 2019-2022.