Development Goals

The School of Mathematics will keep promoting the construction of disciplines of pure mathematics, and focus on the cultivation and development of applied mathematics, computational mathematics and data science. Our goal is build a School of Mathematics featured on computational mathematics, applied statistics and data science.

In the aspect of pure mathematics, based on the Mathematics Center, the School of Mathematics is going to carry out research work and academic exchange; propel development via talent cultivation and recruitment, and strive to make breakthrough in the discipline construction of pure mathematics.

In the aspect of applied mathematics, computational mathematics and data science, based on the National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of System Credibility Automatic Verification and the Institute of Finance and Big Data, the School of Mathematics is going to launch training programs and cooperation projects in related fields; encourage innovative research, and promote school-enterprise cooperation and civil-military integration.

Applied mathematics is a preferential area of development. With a focus on , the School of Mathematics aims to develop strong disciplines in the field of , and strive for the top level in the field of in China. Also, the will return and play its role. In addition, the School of Mathematics will be open to society, enterprises and other universities, and promote scientific research with application in industry and enterprise statistics.