The Department of Public Mathematics Teaching and Research



The Department of Public Mathematics Teaching and Research is formed by merging the former Public Mathematics Teaching & Research Office, the Public Mathematics Teaching & Research Base and the Mathematics Learning Center. The Public Mathematics Teaching and Research Department undertakes the public mathematics courses of Southwest Jiaotong University, such as advanced mathematics, linear algebra, probability and mathematical statistics, various series of courses of complex variable function, mathematical modeling, mathematical experiment, etc., More than 20,000 students are taught each year. The Public Mathematics Teaching & Research Base and the Mathematics Learning Center are the beneficial supplement of public mathematics teaching. Among them, the Teaching & Research Base undertakes the teaching and research work such as the annual Mathematical Modeling Contest for College Students and the National SAS Data Analysis Contest for Colleges and Universities, as well as the experimental links of mathematical modeling courses and online autonomous learning tasks of large-area public mathematics courses.The Mathematics Learning Center is responsible for the public mathematics training and the rendering of the mathematical culture.

In terms of teaching research and reform, the Department of Public Mathematics Teaching and Research has made a lot of teaching achievements. For example, Pan Xiaodong, Liang Tao, Feng Ying and some other teachers have carried out the research and promotion of Flipped Class, and achieved good results. In 2016, the first E-textbook of higher mathematics in China -- Higher Mathematics was launched by team. Moreover, many teachers of the Department have won a number of teaching reform projects at all levels.

In terms of competition, under the leadership of Teacher Yuan Jian, the coaching staff led the students to win five national First and Second prizes each year in the recent three years of the National Mathematical Modeling Competition for College students (Up to five first prizes per school). In 2016, Sun Zening, Ma Yixiao and Wang Yujie, led by Teacher Liang Tao, won the National Excellent Paper Award in the National Mathematics Competition for College Students (a total of 5 papers nationwide). In 2016, the team of Zeng Zhenchuan, Huang Daoxing and Li Hong led by Teacher Xue Changhong won the MCM/ICM Outstanding Winner and one of the two SIAM Awards of the American Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, which was Outstanding in the world.In the national college students' mathematics competitions, under the guidance of teacher Qin Yingbing students also obtained the excellent result. In the 9th National College Students Mathematics Contest just ended in 2017, SWJTU was awarded 37 first prizes in the competition (Including 4 in mathematics and 33 in non-mathematics), 48 second prizes (Including 6 in mathematics and 42 in non-mathematics), 66 second prizes (Including 8 in mathematics and 58 in non-mathematics). Shi Gang ranked first in the province with a high score of 94. He will represent Sichuan in the national final next year.

In the Mathematics Learning Center, as a beneficial supplement of classroom teaching, a lot of work has been done around the creation of remedial difference, training for excellent students, training for Postgraduate Entrance Examination and mathematical culture environment. Every semester, an "expert clinic" of public mathematics is set up for SWJTU students to help them with learning difficulties and answer the questions, and inform the online QQ answering service to solve all kinds of difficulties in learning in a timely manner. In the aspect of the training for Postgraduate Entrance Examination, the Center regularly arranges various lectures and training courses for students, which has contributed a lot to the improvement of the Postgraduate Entrance Examination rate of our university. In addition, the Center also holds a variety of mathematical culture activities irregularly to improve the students' interest in mathematics learning.