International Cooperation

Over the years, School of Mathematics has forged partnership with key universities, research institutions and enterprises in other countries and regions so as to promote exchanges and cooperation, including Bell laboratories, Virginia Commonwealth University(VCU) and Oklahoma state university in the United States, university of Ulster in the United Kingdom, etc.

School of Mathematics has committed to building internationalized teaching faculty. Among its teaching faculty, 17 of them hold overseas PhD degree, 7 of them have international postdoctoral experiences, 12 of them have at least one year’s overseas work experiences, and 40 of them have the experience of overseas visit study for more than half a year. The international activity of teachers in the school has been enhanced year by year. Teachers are vigorous in writing articles to be published in international journals. Over the past years, the teachers have issued 70 or so academic articles listed in the Science Citation Index (SCI) a year. School of Mathematics is capable of hosting (or undertaking) international conferences for several times each year and inviting specialists and scholars of high-level both at home and abroad to visit the school and give academic lectures on an average of 30 times a year.

Since its launch of internationalization strategy, School of Mathematics has been planning and promoting innovation, which has raised its standard of internationalization and increased its global influence, attractiveness and competence in all aspects.