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Deformation theory and homotopy algebras

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May 6-11, 2019 Southwest Jiaotong University-Emei


The conference will be held at Emei campus of Southwest Jiaotong University, from May 6-11, 2019. (We're delighted to see you here!)

All talks will be held at the No 5 conference room.

Registration opens at 8:30am Monday, and the first talk starts at 9:00am. For the full schedule and titles/abstracts of talks please use the links at left.

Slides from the talks will be posted as the conference goes on.

The conference dinner will be held at Hushan Hotel.


· Chengming Bai(Chern institute)

· Kai Behrend(University of British Columbia )

· Yuri Berest(Cornell University)

· Francesco Bonechi( INFN)

· Alberto Cattaneo(Zurich University )

· Zhuo Chen(Tsinghua University)

· Ralph Kaufmann (Purdue University )

· Andrew Lazarev(Lancaster University )

· Si Li(Tsinghua University)

· Raphael Ponge(Sichuan University)

· Mathieu Stiénon(Pennsylvania State University)

· Xiang Tang(Washington University)

· Boris Tsygan(Northwestern University)

· Junwu Tu(Shanghai Tech University)

· Ke Wu(Capital Normal University)(*)

· Milen Yakimov(Louisiana State University)(*)

· Yijun Yao(Fudan University)(*)

· Yu Ye(University of Science and Technology of China )

· Guodong Zhou(East China Normal University)


· An-Min Li (Sichuan University)

· Weiping Li ( Southwest Jiaotong University & OSU )

· Ping Xu (Penn State University )

· Bin Zhang (Sichuan University)

Conference Secretaries:

· Xinhong Chen (Southwest Jiaotong University)

· Xiaobin Li (Southwest Jiaotong University)



The conference is supported by School of Mathematics in Southwest Jiaotong University,School of Mathematics in Sichuan University, Tianyuan Mathematical center in Southwest China, National Science Foundation of China, and by Department of Mathematics in Penn State University. 


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