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On nonlinear projections onto super weakly compact subsets in Banach spaces

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报告摘要:Let $E$ be a metric space, and let $K$ be a subset of $E$. By a $\textit{projection}$ from $E$ onto $K$ we mean a mapping $P$ from $E$ onto $K$ such that $Px=x$ for all $x\in K$. In this talk, we shall be interested in the existence of "uniformly continuous" projection on some special class of subsets in Banach spaces, called "super weakly compact sets". The class of subsets can be viewed as a localized notion of a super reflexive Banach space and has recently been studied by many researchers.

报告人简介:程庆进,厦门大学数学科学学院,教授,博导。主要研究方向为:Banach空间非线性几何理论及其应用。提出并研究了超弱紧性质(与合作者);解决了非线性谱系关于指数p的稳定性问题。主持国家面上及其省部级自然科学基金8项,并参加一项国家自然科学重点基金。在JCA,JFA,Studia Math等发表多篇sci论文。