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印度理工大学Sudhan Majhi副教授学术报告

来源:   作者:数学与信息交叉     日期:2019-09-24 19:46:55   点击数:  

印度理工大学Sudhan Majhi副教授学术报告



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Title: Design and Implementation of Blind Modulation Classification Algorithms for Single Carrier, MIMO, and OFDM Systems  

报告摘要:The presentation is focused first on the BMC for linearly modulated signals of single-carrier systems over a flat fading channel. A six-class of modulation classification problem including binary phase-shift keying (BPSK), quadrature PSK (QPSK), offset-QPSK (OQPSK), pi/4-QPSK, minimum shift keying (MSK), and 16-quadrature amplitude modulation (16-QAM) will be presented. The proposed BMC method is based on the combination of cumulant and cyclic cumulant. The cumulant is used to decide whether the constellations are from real, circular or rectangular class, which is referred to as macro classifier. The cyclic cumulant is used to classify modulation within a subclass, which is referred to as micro classifier.  In the second problem, a tree-based BMC algorithm for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems over frequency-selective fading channels will be presented which classifies many of the linearly modulated signals, such as BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, pi/4-QPSK, 8-PSK, MSK, and 16-QAM modulation formats. Classification is performed by utilizing the combined properties of the correlation functions, cyclic cumulant, and cumulant. In the last, a BMC algorithm for linearly modulated signals of OFDM systems will be presented. The performance of the proposed BMC algorithms are analyzed and compared with existing methods via Monte Carlo simulations. Finally, all the work are validated by providing an experimental setup on NI hardware for an indoor propagation environment.

报告人介绍:Dr. Sudhan Majhi is presently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Patna. He has obtained his PhD in wireless communications from the school of computer engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He has also obtained M.Tech. in computer science and data processing(CSDP) from Indian Institute