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Title: Alphabet Size Reduction for Secure Network Coding: A Graph Theoretic Approach

Abstract:We consider a communication network where there exist wiretappers who can access a subset of channels, called awiretap set, which is chosen from a given collection of wiretap sets. The collection of wiretap sets can be arbitrary. Secure network coding is applied to prevent the source information from being leaked to the wiretappers. In secure network coding, the required alphabet size is an open problem not only of theoretical interest but also of practical importance, because it is closely related to the implementation of such coding schemes in terms of computational complexity and storage requirement. In this talk, we present a systematic graph- theoretic approach for improving Cai and Yeung's lower bound on the required alphabet size for the existence of secure network codes. The new lower bound thus obtained, which depends only on the network topology and the collection of wiretap sets, in general significantly improves Cai and Yeung's lower bound. A polynomial-time algorithm is devised for efficient computation of the new lower bound.Toward developing our lower bound and the efficient algorithm for computing this bound, we have introduced/discussed various graph-theoretic concepts. Although these concepts here are applied solely in the context of secure network coding, they appear to be of fundamental interest in graph theory and we expect that they will find applications in graph theory and beyond. This is a joint work with Dr. Raymond Yeung.


光炫博士在近5年里完成学术专著1部,由Springer出版社发行;发表学术论文37篇,包括26篇期刊论文,其中包括信息论领域的顶级期刊IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory以及通信领域顶级期刊IEEE J. Select. Areas Commun.等。

2018年入选天津市“131创新人才计划”第二梯队人选;2018年获得香江学者年会“Best Poster Presentation Award”(6/50);2017年获得第二十四届信息论年会最佳论文奖(共2篇);2016年获得“香江学者”奖;2015年入选天津市“131创新人才计划”第三梯队人选;2014年入选天津市“三年千人”人才计划;2014获得天津市优秀博士学位论文奖;2013年获得第二十届信息论年会最佳报告奖(共3篇);2012年获得南开大学优秀博士学位论文奖;2011年获得IEEE信息论与信息安全国际会议的杰出论文奖。