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2018 Conference on Knots and related topics

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2018 Conference on

Knots and related topics at Emei, Sichuan, China.

Decembe 8—9,2018

Southwest Jiaotong University

Welcome to 2018 Conference on Knots and related topics at Southwest Jiaotong University Emei campus, Sichuan, China. The goal of this conference is to bring together researchers and students interested in Knot theory and related topics in order to promote advancement of the field, stimulate collaborations, share recent results, and forge new directions for research. Speakers are among experts from the nation and oversea, and talks are about knots, links, 3- dimensional and 4- dimensional topology and other subjects related to knot theory.

Program and Organizing Committee:

Prof. Anmin Li        (Chair)            Sichuan University

Prof. Weiping Li      (Co-chair)         Southwest Jiaotong University & OSU

Prof. Weinian Zhang    (Co-chair)        Sichuan University

Useful Information:

(1) When the conference will be: December 8, 2018 --December 9, 2018.  (Registration begins on December 8 talks start on December 9 and will be over on December 9 at noon, You may depart on December 10)

(2) Place:  Southwest Jiaotong University ( Emei campus),City of Emei shan, Sichuan , China.(四川省 峨眉山市)

(3) Accommodation: We will book Hushan Hotel for all participants.(Hushan Hotel is located on campus

(4) Transportation: It is very convenient to go to Southwest Jiaotong University (Emei campus) from Chengdu, there are several options for you:

(a) If you fly to Chengdu at Shuangliu international airport, you directly take high speed railway from airport to Emei shan railway station, it takes you about 1.5 hours.

(b) If you take high speed railway to Chengdu East Railway station, you just transfer to Emei shan railway station. Once you arrive at Emei shan station, It is very close to Hushan Hotel, even you walk, it takes you less than 20 minutes!

Brief Schedule for “2018 Conference on Knots and related Topics”

Local Organizers and contact:

Xiaobin Li       Southwest Jiaotong University   (Email:

Xiaowei Yang     Southwest Jiaotong University   (Email:

Sponsor: School of Mathematics, Southwest Jiaotong University & Grants from NSFC.

We are looking forward to meeting you in December at Emei!