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来源:数学系   作者:黎定仕     日期:2018-09-13 08:27:42   点击数:  

题目: Global Stability of Feedback Systems with Multiplicative Noise on the Nonnegative Orthant

报告人:吕翔   副教授(上海师范大学)



摘要:We investigate the dynamical behavior of pull-back trajectories for feedback systems with multiplicative noise and prove that there exists a globally stable positive random equilibrium in the nonnegative orthant $\mathbb{R}^d_+$, where the global stability means that all pull-back trajectories originating from  nonnegative orthant converge to this positive random equilibrium almost surely. Our results can be applied to well-known stochastic Goodwin negative feedback system, Othmer-Tyson positive feedback system and Griffith positive feedback system as well as other stochastic cooperative, competitive and predator-prey systems. This is a joint work with Prof. Jifa Jiang.