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代数学术报告:Wakamatsu-silting complexes

来源:数学系  作者:刘品     日期:2017/9/12 6:40:45   点击数:480  

报告题目:Wakamatsu-silting complexes

摘要:We introduce Wakamatsu-silting complexes (resp., Wakamatsu-tilting complexes) as a common generalization of both silting complexes (resp., tilting complexes) and Wakamatsu-tilting modules. Characterizations of Wakamatsu-silting complexes are given. In particular, we show that a complex T is Wakamatsu-silting if and only if its dual DT is Wakamatsu-silting. It is conjectured that compact Wakamatsu-silting complexes are just silting complexes. We prove that the conjecture lies under the finitistic dimension conjecture.

报告人:魏加群 教授(南京师范大学)


地点:数学学院学术报告厅 X2436