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代数学术报告:n-cluster tilting subcategories and localizations on extriangulated categories

来源:数学系  作者:刘品     日期:2017/9/1 9:03:54   点击数:542  

报告题目: n-cluster tilting subcategories and localizations on extriangulated categories

报告摘要:In this talk, we define and study n-cluster tilting subcategories on an exact category and a triangulated category in a unified method, by means of the notion of an extriangulated category. It gives rise to a family of abelian quotient categories, which are called "hearts". We show these hearts are equivalent to the category of coherent functors over the "coheart" of n-cluster tilting subcategory modulo projective objects.  We also talk about localizations on an extriangulated category.

报告人及简介:刘裕 博士 (2008年毕业于清华大学数学系,获学士学位;2011年毕业于清华大学数学系,获硕士学位;2015年毕业于日本名古屋大学,获博士学位;现为瑞典Uppsala大学博士后)

报告时间:2017-09-04 上午10:30-11:30