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来源:张晟  作者:数学学院     日期:2017/7/20 12:27:07   点击数:780  
美国普渡大学和厦门大学“千人计划”沈捷教授学术报告 报告人:沈捷 教授 报告时间:2017年7月22日(周六)下午15:30-17:00 报告地点:犀浦校区X2440 报告题目:Efficient and accurate spectral methods for PDEs with weakly singular solutions 报告摘要:The usual spectral methods will provide high-order accuracy for problems with smooth solutions. However, they may not work well for problems with singular solutions due to various facts such as corner singularities, non-matching boundary conditions, non-smooth coefficients. If the form of the singular expansion for the solution is known, we develop a Muntz Galerkin method which is based on specially tuned Muntz polynomials to deal with the singular behaviors of the underlying problems, and show that it provide optimal error estimates. On the other hand, if the Muntz Galerkin method is not applicable or efficient, we present a new extended spectral-Galerkin method which allows us to split it into two separate problems: one is to find an approximation for the smooth part by a usual spectral method, the other is to determine an approximation to the singular part with $k$ terms by solving a $k\times k$ system. So the new method is very easy to implement, very efficient and is capable of providing very accurate approximations for a class of singular problems. We will present ample numerical results for a variety of problems with singular solutions, including fractional PDEs, to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approaches.