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英国Ulster University Jun Liu博士学术报告

来源:研究所教学  作者:研究所教学     日期:2017/7/3 12:00:17   点击数:767  

报告人:Jun Liu, Ulster University at Jordanstown Campus

讲座题目:Goal Modelling and Making Sensing Decision Making with Some Case Studies



内容简介:The talk is focused on combining goal driven approaches for making sense to decision support with the data driven approaches. The key motivation is “making sense” in supporting human decision making, hence the goal-based knowledge (e.g., rule-base and ontology) is centralized in the combination now that advancement and application of rule-based and ontology systems have always been a key research area in computer-aided support for human decision making in an intelligent system. The talk will introduce the application background,  motivation, framework, methodologies, tools, and application of this new combination, including some key issues related to data and knowledge representation to compromise each other; process transparency and interpretability; representation scheme and processing capabilities to handle simultaneously vagueness; incompleteness and uncertainty in conjunction with different types of input data formats; flexibility and applicability as well as effectiveness and efficiency.

报告人简介:Dr. Jun Liu is currently an Associate Professor in Computer Science at School of Computing and Mathematics, Ulster University at Jordanstown Campus, Northern Ireland, UK. His current research is focused on two themes: 1) logic (including non-classical logic) and automated reasoning methods for intelligent systems: theory and applications (e.g., software verification). 2) Intelligent decision methodologies (IDM) using techniques from systems theory, operational research and artificial intelligence, with applications in management, engineering, and industry field etc. (e.g., safety and risk analysis; policy decision making; security/disaster management; situation awareness and emergency systems, and scenario/activity recognition).