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Random Inertial Manifolds for Stochastic Equations

来源:  作者:数学系     日期:2017/5/24 0:00:00   点击数:1446  

 报告人:Bixiang WangProfessor,  New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 

 报告时间:2017.5.26      周五  15:0016:00



 报告题目:Random Inertial Manifolds for Stochastic Equations

    报告摘要:By the Lyapunov-Perron method, we prove

    the existence of random inertial manifolds for a class 

    of equations driven simultaneously by non-autonomous deterministic

    and stochastic forcing. These invariant manifolds contain tempered pullback

    random attractors if such attractors exist. We also prove pathwise periodicity

   and  almost periodicity of inertial manifolds when non-autonomous

   deterministic forcing is periodic and almost periodic in time, respectively.